Bass Property Credit Fund

The Bass Property Credit Fund (BPCF) provides investors with a lower-risk, stable yield investment, backed by diversified underlying real estate security.


BPCF is a co-investment fund which invests in property secured loans along with the Shareholders, Directors and Management of Bass Capital. BPCF has in excess of $100m in funds under management.


Bass is the fund manager of BPCF and invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of secured debt with contractually determined outcomes. Deployed funds have consistently yielded strong, risk-adjusted returns, and are expected to continue to do so, which make this investment particularly attractive in an environment of record-low interest rates.


Bass has consistently generated out-performance across its portfolio of investments through its tactical investment allocation, skill in investment origination and intensive investment management.

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Key Features

Drawing on the deep tactical investment expertise of Bass Capital to generate long-term outperformance against comparable fixed interest investments 

High yield investment compared to other diversified fixed interest investments 

Smooth and stable investment returns, uncorrelated to many other asset classes 

Diversified underlying pool of investments and property security. Diversified by sponsor, real estate sub-sector, geography and structure 

Quarterly distributions 

Evergreen structure with the ability to exit the investment via a liquidity option 

Ability to co-invest with Bass in other investments which are widely distributed by Bass 

Nominal administration fee

(0.5% p.a.) and no entry, exit or performance fees 

Learn more about the fund

For a copy of the fund memorandum and webinar, or to speak to a Partner, contact Lauren Hamer on (02) 9369 5864 or

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